Building my own Website 😊😊

How to build own website? For me its really hard 😣😣.. but …

If you really want to pursue something, we must put our own creativity all together, even if we don’t have any idea about it. Its something like building a new chapter in our life in which we don’t know the result.. 😊

I tried to start my own blogsite, why? Maybe because im bored? Or maybe because i just want it? But in the end i started to realize that i have my goals .. and that is to share my experiences about beauty, adventure, and life.. im doing this to share my ups and down about products and life experiences..

When i was a kid, i already have that kikay attitude, standing in front of the mirror wearing my dress and putting my moms lipstick.. yes, at my early age i know how to take good care of myself especially my looks.. and i am already confident wearing my moms make up 😁😁 haha.. dreaming that someday i will become an actress or ramp model… well,, i became a model.. but in a short period of time..

I hope that this blogsite that i am buiding this time will become an inspiration and guide to all of you about beauty.. i hope that it would also help you to know more about the result and effectiveness of each product that i will be posting soon..

And i will promise to give an honest reviews about each item that i already used. If it is effective or not. But then remember that we all have a different type of skin so some products may be effective for you and not in my skintype..

Godbless you all and i hope that may God also help me to build my site as asap. 😊😊🙏🙏